Our restaurant

We are simple people and we are oriented to do our work well, so we decided to leave the pen and notebook with these tools to those who work there. Once again we thank our friend journalist Sandro Romano that some time ago he wrote on his blog these nice words about us:

There are places where you eat and just places where you live (well) a couple of hours of our lives, places where food is important but where you can breathe even familiar air of hospitality towards the customer, transmitted joy in the preparation of a dish. For me they are aspects that make the difference.

When I find them I put them in a corner of my heart, as you do with the objects to which we are attached and kept in a drawer, ready to take them out if necessary when you feel the need. Sometimes I feel the need for these places, places in a light-hearted spending an evening with friends, a nice meeting with my daughters, or a simple conversation with my partner, staying mentally away from work commitments, from reviews and the articles the newspaper i work with.

For several months, my "drawer" personnel is also the restaurant "U Curdunn", a place where they are entered for the first time led by my friend Vanni Mastropasqua, one evening I went to see in the beautiful town of Locorotondo. Locorotondo is beautiful, all the Valle d'Itria is wonderful and here I found a safe place to eat well and simply feeling among friends.

Just Vanni Mastropasqua, after two years away, ideally continues the loving description of our friend Sandro:

Locorotondo is a place of enchantment. Not only are the Trulli, the Cummerse, the endless dry stone walls and the farms that make this place magical. There is something more: it is the human component, is the warmth of the locals, is the love for even this old kitchen in the houses and in the best of Locorotondo restaurants. In this panorama ineffable splendor, Peppino and Margaret have done nothing but feel responsible to represent all that and more. U Curdunn is not just a restaurant; is a short but intense journey through time, a place to return children to recapture the lost sense of wonder. The scent of the Sunday sauce, the white sheets that are one with the whitewashed houses, the gentle caress of the wind singing through the narrow alleys between the Cummerse, a mother calling her child from the balcony is ... ready! Everyone at the table to healthy eating and eating well. In the restaurant U Curdunn no poetry. Locorotondo is the muse. The owners are from the soul noble and it is difficult to speak of them without falling into sentimentality more ceremonious, but the truth is that there are two "boys from the heart", beautiful on the inside, of those who want to meet in any hotel. Peppino is a force of nature, a man who has two great gifts: the great sense of measure (never a word too, never pleasantries longer than 5 seconds) and the ability to be in the right place when you need it, what - this' last - that makes me believe may have the gift of ubiquity. Daisy, apparently calm, the volcano has inside. Ambitious enough, perfectionist in the right measure, she is the link between all departments and all the people. Beloved for his outspokenness and his spontaneity, Margaret lives his restaurant as he really was a child. Now imagine all this and also add in the icing on the cake: the garden of the property from which derive the majority of seasonal vegetables they use in their dishes. This really is a great place to be comfortable, a restaurant where you use only local meat because the seriousness of the farmers and the integrity of their land make the difference compared to large retailers. Come and take a smile: Peppino and Margaret will fill you with good feel and good eating as few others are able to do in Italy.

Fine words true? And our thanks can not not go to our valuable employees, because without them we would never have achieved such important goals, such an enthusiastic clientele and a work environment reads as serene. Thanks therefore to our histrionic and very nice maitre Roberto, our tireless "Jolly" Tanja Rebecca, the chef Davide, the aid Fiora kitchen and smiles but also to the availability of Graziella. A heartfelt thanks to all our customers friends who follow us with affection and our suppliers who, knowing us, have learned to never disappoint.

We wait,
with the hospitality that has always been recognized us.

Peppino e Margherita